Even My Sure Things Fall Through

Full title – Even My Sure Things Fall Through – Always a work in progress and taking little or no time off, Joey Burns and John Convertino have assembled a variety of recordings taken from the European B-sides (3 Slang CD singles), as well … Full Descriptionas a Two Loneswordsman remix of Sonic Wind and an American Music Club cover, Chanel No. 5. In addition to the audio content, the band’s 3 music videos, shot and directed by John Pirozzi, will be included as CD-Rom files for your screening pleasure. CD rom tracks are Crystal Frontier (widescreen version), Ballad of Cable Hogue and Black Light. 11 tracks. 2001 release.
This is a strange kind of mini-album. The songs are a marvel of sophistication. It hardly sounds like the old Calexico. Their sound is approaching the smooth, polished, crystalline transparency of acoustic fusion ensembles. Trumpet and vibes give the remix of Sonic Wind a jazz feeling that bossanova steps reinforce. Hard Hat is an ambiente/concrete remix of Hot Rail with samples of gongs, guitars and radio voices. Crystal Frontier is a high-caliber tex-mex novelty, replete with festive horns fanfare, feverish string section, and even dub-style reverbs.
Additional personnel includes: Jacob Valenzuela (trumpet).
Calexico includes: Joey Burns, John Convertino.
Engineers: Naim Amor, Ben McQuillen, Joey Burns.

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