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Today i’m filling fine!

Out here in the fields
I fight for my meals
I get my back into my living
I don’t need to fight
To prove I’m right
I don’t need to be forgiven

Thanks to the WHO!!!

When i feel better…..

Águas de Março – Stereo – Elis Regina and Tom Jobim – Aguas de Marco – Waters of March from Mark on Vimeo.

When i listen this song i feel better!!!!!!!!

Even My Sure Things Fall Through

Full title – Even My Sure Things Fall Through – Always a work in progress and taking little or no time off, Joey Burns and John Convertino have assembled a variety of recordings taken from the European B-sides (3 Slang CD singles), as well … Full Descriptionas a Two Loneswordsman remix of Sonic Wind and an American Music Club cover, Chanel No. 5. In addition to the audio content, the band’s 3 music videos, shot and directed by John Pirozzi, will be included as CD-Rom files for your screening pleasure. CD rom tracks are Crystal Frontier (widescreen version), Ballad of Cable Hogue and Black Light. 11 tracks. 2001 release.
This is a strange kind of mini-album. The songs are a marvel of sophistication. It hardly sounds like the old Calexico. Their sound is approaching the smooth, polished, crystalline transparency of acoustic fusion ensembles. Trumpet and vibes give the remix of Sonic Wind a jazz feeling that bossanova steps reinforce. Hard Hat is an ambiente/concrete remix of Hot Rail with samples of gongs, guitars and radio voices. Crystal Frontier is a high-caliber tex-mex novelty, replete with festive horns fanfare, feverish string section, and even dub-style reverbs.
Additional personnel includes: Jacob Valenzuela (trumpet).
Calexico includes: Joey Burns, John Convertino.
Engineers: Naim Amor, Ben McQuillen, Joey Burns.

New disco

Product details
Artist: Chet Baker
Genre: Cool, Vocal Jazz, West Coast Jazz

Broken Wing
Black Eyes
Oh You Crazy Moon
How Deep Is the Ocean?
Blue Gilles
Black Eyes
How Deep Is the Ocean?

Chet Baker recorded many albums in Europe during his final decade. This hard-to-find LP matches his trumpet with pianist Phil Markowitz, bassist Jean-Francois Jenny Clark and drummer Jeff Brillinger for a date in Paris. Chet sings on “Oh You Crazy Moon” and stretches out on trumpet during a fresh repertoire that includes “Broken Wing,” Wayne Shorter’s “Black Eyes,”… More “How Deep Is the Ocean?” and Baker’s own “Blue Gilles.” Even with his chaotic lifestyle, most of Chet Baker’s recordings are worth acquiring and Broken Wing is better than average.

Good listening…

Look at me now…IMPRESSIVE!!!


Pierre de Bethmann – piano

Jules Bikoko Bi N’Jami – contrebasse

David El Malek – tenor

Dré Pallemaerts – batterie

French vocalist Laika Fatien (she goes by her first name only and sings in English on the album) is quite capable of taking daring leaps, but she’s only interested in doing so when the song demands it, not when the whim overtakes her.
For her it’s always about the lyric; Fatien’s great strength is in digging her way to the root of the song, allowing her natural abilities to take it from there, and then giving it her all.
On the gloomy, stark “Where Are the Words,” Fatien is practically subdued, her soulful delivery riding just above pianist Pierre de Bethman’s bluesy tones, together conveying the song’s heartrending story as it asks to be told.
Similarly, on her cover of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”, Fatien sheds the original arrangement entirely and strips the song down to its core; its loneliness is quite evident in her poignant, minimalist re-think of the classic.
But “Look at Me Now!”, which became a hit in Europe two years before its U.S. release — isn’t all about sultriness by any means.
A song like “The Best Is Yet to Come”, having been recorded by countless others, demands a certain swing and Fatien has no trouble delivering it, with saxman David El Malek providing melodic counterpoint.
And on “Zigaboogaloo”, Fatien and her quintet are practically giddy with enjoyment. None of this is to suggest that her preference for measured vocalizing disallows her to take off: on Wayne Shorter’s “This Is For Albert Ayler”, she pays appropriate tribute to the song’s subject by bending and stretching every which way, remarkably without ever losing sight of the intimacy that defines her approach.


10 Aprile 2009

Bellissimo disco Unplugged per Bryan Adams che riesce sempre ad emozionare ed a sorprendere.
Ottima la qualità del suono, ottima e non banale la track-list: ci sono hit come “Summer Of ’69” & “Heaven” ma mancano altre hit che però fanno spazio a canzoni poco conosciute e completamente rifatte come “I’m Ready” & “Fits Ya Good”. Stupende in particolare le nuove versioni di “Heaven” & “Cuts Like A Knife” che ne asaltano il suo timbro vocale unico ed inconfondibile.
Chicca del cd sono le 3 nuove canzoni: la romantica “When You Love Someone”, la pimpante “Back Tou You” (singolo di lancio del disco) e “A Little Love”, che fuoriesce dai suoi canoni musicali standard. Insomma un cd da avere sia per i fans che per chi lo vuole scoprire per la prima volta anche se penso saranno davvero pochi….



Tell me, what’s the use
Of the twenty-four inch waist
If you don’t touch me?
Tell me, what’s the use again
Of being on TV every day
If you don’t watch me?

This house is full of emptiness
My closet’s full of dresses
That I’ll never wear
My life is full of people
But you’re my only friend
My best friend

Hope it isn’t too late
To say “I love you”
Hope it isn’t too late to say
That without you this place looks like london
It rains every day
Don’t you know it, babe
I’m only half a body
Without your embrace




L’odore del sesso

Si fa presto a cantare che il tempo sistema le cose
si fa un po’meno presto a convincersi che sia cosi’

io non so se e’ proprio amore faccio ancora confusione
so che sei la piu’ brava a non andarsene via
forse ti ricordi ero roba tua

non va piu’ via l’odore del sesso che hai addosso
si attacca qui all’amore che posso che io posso
e ci siamo mischiati la pelle le anime le ossa

ed appena finito ognuno ha ripreso le sue

tu che dentro

sei perfetta

mentre io mi vado stretto tu che sei la piu’ brava
a rimanere mania forse ti ricordi sono roba tua

Non va piu’ via l’odore del sesso che hai addosso
si attacca qui all’amore che posso che io posso

Non va piu’ via l’odore del sesso che hai addosso
si attacca qui all’amore che posso che io posso

ti dico solo

non va piu’ via davvero

non va piu’ via

nemmeno se

non va piu’ via

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