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The internet of everything–annihilating time and space

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In the future of the internet of things, Wi-Fi is going to be everywhere, and the internet will connect you to every person and thing on the planet via transportation, teleportation and telepresence. A trillion wormholes will let you reach out from anywhere on earth and hug your loved ones, or try on a new pair of shoes, or unlock your bike.


In the future beyond the internet of things, all your senses will be wired directly into the internet’s wormholes, and you’ll be completely indifferent to the location of your physical body. When you look around you, you won’t be looking into a nearby region of space. You’ll be surfing an internet that annihilates all time and space – the internet of everything.

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The Bio-intelligence Explosion – David Pearce

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How recursively self-improving organic robots will modify their own source code and bootstrap our way to full-spectrum

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Microsoft Excel for Health Analytics

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Microsoft Excel is like the swiss army knife for health analytics. It’s a familiar and effective tool for surfacing and using almost any type of data from any sources. Learn how health organizations are using Excel as part of their overall BI strategy.

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E. coli gives researchers [DEEP] insight into evolution

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E. coli showing evolution? Yes! Researchers at Michigan State University have been growing Escherichia coli for 25 years, which is over 58,000 generations, in a project called the Long-Term Experimental Evolution project. And during this time, through studying 12 populations of E. coli, they have found that the bacteria continues to adapt to its environment, with no upper limit in sight- even in the 40,00-50,000 generation range, E. coli‘s “fitness” (a measure of how the organism has adapted to its environment) increased by 3-4% per generation!

Ed Rybicki‘s insight:

Evolution rules, OK?!

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